The Fletcherizer
East Aurora Rotary Meeting
March 20, 2018
Suzanne Sprague, owner of LimeLite Music was todays guest speaker. Formerly known as Nyhart Music, Sprague purchased the business in 1987 and changed its name. Originally located at 1712 Main Street, the business moved to the East Aurora plaza until moving back to Main Street years later. Its current location is 706 Main Street, which used to be the location of the Bank of East Aurora in 1994. Sprague informed the group that with all the activities young people and students are participating in, music is low on the list; because of this, LimeLite Music has started a 'LimeLite University' program where students can participate in and work with band members and hold performances. Currently, LimeLite has 4 adult bands and 3 childrens bands which allows students to have a hands on approach to the music industry, and also pairs them with local teachers and bandmates. Sprague currently has about 200 students learning to play instruments, but can accommodate up to 250 students, and is even beginning to hold free classes for senior citizens!  
Sprague is also currently seeking donors/sponsors for a new Rural Outreach Center program. Sponsors donate $35 which supplies a ukulele, sheet music, and a volunteer instructor for participating students. Participants not only get to learn how to play the instrument, but they get to keep it once their instruction is complete. Please consider contacting Suzanne for more information!
Other notes:
The Bunny Hop 5K is quickly approaching! Bag stuffing will be held at 6:00pm on Wednesday, March 28th at Dale’s house.
There will be a RAAP Party Meeting on April 3rd. Anyone that would like to help out with this event, please make time to stay after the meeting.
The club will be raffling off a handmade floor lamp created by Roycrofter, Thomas Pafk. The lamp will be raffled off this summer!
We will be holding a WNY Improv fundraiser/dinner on November 3rd, which will feature a murder mystery dinner. Please see Karen Gembar or Ted Borowiak if you wish to participate in planning. 
We also welcomed one guest again this week, Chrissy Hoffman, Daughter in Law to the late, Dr. Ray Hoffman, as well as realtor for Howard Hanna
See everyone next week for updates!