The Fletcherizer
East Aurora Rotary Meeting
February 20, 2018
Bruno Tilman, EA Rotary’s exchange student was our speaker this week,  Bruno is from a “small” town of 25,000 people outside of Duesseldorf, Germany called, Kaarst. Bruno has been involved with football and basketball at East Aurora High School. He will be playing lacrosse for East Aurora this spring. Sports in Germany are very different, mostly consisting of club sports outside of school; the biggest being soccer. The traditional foods from Germany are breads, cheese, sausage (mainly in the south), fish (mainly in the north along the ocean), Bruno said he misses the bread the most. German beer is a tradition started by the monks. During lent, monks are not able to eat solid food so they made the very “nutritious beer” so they could at least drink. Bruno has visited many places since coming here, he visited Toronto for a baseball game, Niagara Falls, and Baltimore. Thanks to Sally and Dan Logan, and now the Rogers family, for hosting Bruno.
Quiz Night was a tremendous success. Thank you, Amy, for putting so much time and energy into making this event so successful. Gross revenue from the event is $6,000! Thanks again, Amy!