The Fletcherizer
East Aurora Rotary Meeting
October 29, 2019
Gary Schutrum and Kevin Walsh from the East Aurora Boys & Girls Club were guest speaker. Schutrum spoke about the impact Rotary has had on the Boys & Girls Club. To date, our club has donated over $50,000 to the facility, which equates to 168 kids going to camp, 330 kids having the ability to attend the Club, and 4,900 kids participating in the Boys & Girls Club summer basketball program. The Boys & Girls Club after school programs help students perform better academically, and many who attend in their youth come back and volunteer as adults. 
Schutrum told us the three main things that make the East Aurora Boys & Girls Club one of the best in the country: 
1. Membership growth. About 78% of the youth in East Aurora attend the Club
2. Daily attendance. East Aurora is in the top 10% for the number of kids that attend daily. 
3. Finance management. The annual fee to send a child to the Club is $680, which is one of the lowest rates in the country. 
Other News:
Quiz Night is Saturday, February 22 2020. 
Our motto trash receptacles are being repaired by students of the Ormsby Center. 
The Murder Mystery Dinner is SOLD OUT!