The Fletcherizer
East Aurora Rotary Meeting
April 16, 2019
Todd Aichinger and Alex Severyn were guest speakers. The duo are with Hunt Realty and Offer Advantage Buffalo. Offer Advantage Buffalo buys homes and restores/renovates it while offering a rent-to-own program for young families who could not otherwise afford a down payment on a home. The program allows renters to use 10% of their total rent (up to 5 years worth) toward their down payment. Currently, the group has over 100 individuals on their waiting list. 
Aichinger and Severyn have remodeled 165 houses in the past five years, one of their favorites was a historic Roycroft home at 400 Girard in East Aurora. The home was purchased by the Larkins (Elbert Hubbard's sister) in 1919. Aichinger and Severyn hired Jack Thiesen of Custom Furniture and Fabrication to build and restore a lot of the original woodwork and cabinetry that was damaged upon purchase. 
Other News:
Member, Linda LaManna, is still collecting money for Rural Outreach Center Snack Packs
The Bunny Hop 5K race is this Saturday! Members and volunteers are expected to arrive at the legion by 7am on Saturday. Also, please feel free to help stuff bags at Dale's house tomorrow night at 6pm. BYOB!
The RAAP Party is approaching quickly! We will have our first meeting April 30th after our regular meeting. 
This week we welcomed Ken Kazmierczak of Buffalo Energy Incorporated.