The Fletcherizer
East Aurora Rotary Meeting
June 11, 2019
Karen Wielinski, Author of 'One on the Ground' was guest speaker. Wielinski's home was struck by the flight 3407 plane that crashed in Clarence in 2009. Karen, her husband and daughter were home when the plane struck their home. Both Karen and her daughter survived the accident, but her husband did not make it. The title of her book comes from the passing of her husband, as he was the only fatality that occurred on the ground from the plane impact. Wielinski now lives in East Aurora and took creative writing classes from local Author, Rick Ohler; whom she credits the book to. For more information on Karen's story, head to:
Other News:
New Presidential Induction Ceremony: Karen Gembar will be inducted as Club President on June 25th at 7:00am. The ceremony will take place at the Roycroft Inn during our weekly meeting and will cost $15. RSVP's preferred. 
RAAP: July 26th!
July 2nd: There will be NO meeting 
We will be having a picnic at Hamlin Park in place of our regular meeting on August 20th.